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  1. A. Shelton

    Tom did a great job explaining all the things he found about my house. In addition to catching a couple of things that should be fixed before I bought it, he also helped me understand how best to take care of it in the future. I highly recommend him.

  2. Julia P

    I always figured the home inspection would be the most nerve racking part of the home buying process. Tom put me completely at ease as he welcomed me to join him throughout the inspection and ask as many questions as I wanted. He wanted to show me what he found so we could talk about it. He said his camera had a way of making a defect look overly alarming, when in fact a lot of this stuff is routine maintenance.
    Tom was very knowledgeable and professional but talked to me like an old friend. I couldn’t be happier with my home inspection experience.

  3. James L

    Hi Tom, received the email report on the 2127 Chehalis Rd. I just wanted to write to tell you how impressed I am by everything. The detailed report with pictures…WOW! You should be a teacher, you’re photos and explanations are just excellent!!!
    Thanks again..

  4. Rick Mellor, soon to become a Washington resident

    The last thing you want to learn after purchasing a home is to discover a serious “Gotcha” after the sale. This makes your selection of a home inspector critically important. Tom Hitchman is the consummate professional. Highly knowledgeable and thorough, he also takes the utmost care to assure that the “treasures” of the home’s current owners are not harmed by the inspection process. This was of particular importance with a home inspection Tom completed for me. His unflappable, relaxed demeanor and friendly personality make him easy to work with and his reporting is exceptional. I have been through this process no less than 8 times, with different inspectors, and was pleased to see that Tom doesn’t cut corners, even when he can. He goes where he needs to get to on the property to get the job done right. I would recommend Tom in a heartbeat and would not have the least hesitation to recommend him to any home purchaser.